Lyric Borous



Solo: d10
Buddy: d8
Team: d6

Curiosity is the Mother of All Creation
If I Can’t Find Friends, I’ll Make Some Instead

Power Set: Repede
Superhuman Alertness: D10 Superhuman Reflex: D10
Enhanced Strength: D8 Enhanced Stamina: D8
Claws: D6
SFX: Disease Pockets: add a d6 and Step Up Effect when using Claws to create a Complication.
SFX: Protect Master!: Spend a PP to turn Stress from an attack into an action to Shutdown Repede.
SFX: Sneaky: Add a d6 and Step Up Effect when creating Stealth based Complications.
Limit: Exhaustion: Gain a PP to Shutdown a [Dog] Power, Recover in a Transition Scene or by activating an Opportunity.
Limit: No Dogs Allowed: Gain a PP to Shutdow Repede when Repede wonders off, can’t come along, or is otherwise absent for the scene.

Geneticist Savant: Master(3D6)
Tech: Expert (2D6)
Natural Philosophy: Expert (2D6)
Medical: Expert (2D6)

Milestone: Roaming Geneticist
1 XP: Analyze or complete a creature’s/individual’s genome
3 XP: Create a new creature in Porta-Lab or DNA Preservation Lab
10 XP: When you choose to let a creation free into the world because it is better off without you, OR kill one of your creations rather than see it go.

Milestone: Science is the Future, and the Future Starts With You!
1 XP: When you tell someone about all the ways in which you can ‘improve’ them.
3 XP: When you experiment on or modify a human being.
10 XP: When you either come to accept the imprefections of humanity are worthwhile and swear off altering people, OR when you modify an individual beyond any semblance of humanity.


Lyric Borous

Gears of Panea Sekundes